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Keep Your School Book Fairs Local

A Werner Book Fair is a terrific way to draw children and their families into the exciting world of great literature while raising money or earning books for your school.

Werner Books is a locally owned business. We have been serving the needs of Erie Country for the past 6 years.


Werner Book Fairs benefit your students.

  • Werner Book Fairs offer your students the highest quality literature.

  • We order from over 50 different publishers; we carry a wide and diverse selection of children's books

  • You'll find books for every interest, every reading level, and in a wide variety of formats and prices.
    **Our prices reflect the financial difficulties many of your families are facing while not compromising on quality

  • At Werner Books we look at past sales, school demographics, and previously successful categories and titles when choosing the books for your fair.

Our fairs benefit your school, too.

  • We consider requested subject matter, past sales, school demographics, and previously successful items and titles.

  • Earn cash for your school

  • If you choose to take your profits in books, you'll be able to choose from ALL the titles in our warehouse

  • You can get your profits in a combination of cash and books.

With a Werner Book Fair, you can customize your book selections in a number of ways.

  • Your students can make their own Wish Lists when the browse the fair.

  • We can provide required reading titles, including summer reading titles

  • We carry religious books, dual language and foreign language books.

Have questions or ready to schedule? Call us at (814) 864- 1565. 
Fall and late spring spots fill up tend to fill up quickly!

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