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Erie, PA

Read local. 

Werner Books in Erie, PA is proud to offer a wide selection of regional and local books. We specialize in titles that are related to the history of the Erie area and the Presque Isle. Many of our books are signed by authors, so don’t miss out and grab a copy today!

Below, you will find a catalog of what we offer. 75% of the books we offer are pre-owned but in relatively good condition. The remaining 25% are new publications.

To order, fill out our "Book Order Form" or visit our storefront. 


Pizza Bomber, The Untold Story of America's Most Shocking Bank Robbery

by Jerry Clark and Ed Palatella


Murder & Mayhem in Erie, Pennsylvania

by Justin Dombrowski


The Unholy Murder of Ash Wednesday, The Stained Life and Rude Times of Mob Wannabe "Bolo" Dovishaw

by Dominick D. DiPaolo as told to Jeff Pinski


The Long-Lost Locket (Waldameer Mystery Files #1)

by David Gorman


Positively State Street

by Chuck Pora


Tucker and Ripley's Adventure on Presque Isle

by Eugene H. Ware

Illustrated by Randall Austin


9 Years of Rock: The Story of The Concerts At The Erie Country Fieldhouse

by Dan Schell


Erie's Sensational Murder Trials

by Judge Dan Brabender


Erie Baseball & Softball 360 Volume 1

by Alan Swigonski


A History of Presque Isle: As Told Through Conversation with the Park's Lengendary Hermit, Joe Root

by Eugene H. Ware


What Rats Will Do Cronyism at its Worst

by Dominick D. DiPaolo

Sneaky Sabotage.jpg

The Sneaky Sabotage (Waldameer Mystery Files #2)

by David Gorman

Duty Terror and Survival_edited.jpg
William Demorier.jpg
Single Handed.jpg
Peace to you too brother.jpg

Duty, Terror, and Survival

By William Welch

William E. Demorier: Servant Leader

By Ann Silverthorn

Single Handed

By Joseph Kress

Peace to You Too, Brother

By Chuck Pora

Curious Clues.jpg

The Curious Clues (Waldameer Mystery Files #3)

By David Gorman

pora lotta lore.jpg

Pora Lotta Lore

By Chuck Pora

Tucker and Ripley Asbury.jpg

Tucker, Ripley, and Friends Visit Asbury Woods

By Eugene Ware

Illustrated by Randall Austin

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