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We offer a well curated and extensive collection of fiction and nonfiction for all ages. With over 20,000 new and used books, we have something for everyone. We are proud to serve the city of Erie and our surrounding community.

Book Exchange Program

The majority of our inventory is obtained through our Book Exchange Program. By bringing in your slightly used books (we prefer fiction in paperback and non-fiction in either paperback or hardback) you can earn store credit towards your purchases of USED books. You do not need an appointment unless you are bringing in a very large collection. We do not accept antique books, old textbooks, encyclopedias, magazines, musty or mildew-smelling books.

If we are able to accept your books, you will receive 25% of the publisher’s price of the book in store credit. When you use this credit, it is applied towards half of the total cost of your purchases. For example, if a book is marked as $9.99, our store price would be $5.00. If you use your credit to purchase this book, it will cost you $2.50. Unused credit stays in your account. Credit may be used by your immediate family.

*Just to clarify, books are never evenly exchanged. When your purchases are tallied, you will always be responsible for paying for a portion of your purchases (this is how we pay our bills!).

Textbook Buyback

We have partnered with a national textbook buyback company. Bring in your recent college textbooks-recent by a year, maybe two and earn some cash. We cannot accept books that are water damaged, workbooks that are filled in or teacher editions. We ask that you bring your school ID or driver license in with you. *We do not sell textbooks.

We're always available by phone to answer your questions.
You may also reach us at or message us on Facebook to get more information. Our fairs are available to clients in Erie County.

Independent Authors

Attention – Werner Books Policy Change
Technology has made publishing easier. Currently, authors can publish their book without traditional, professional editing, proofreading, as well as evaluation of marketing and distribution. Consequently, the number of books we are asked to consider for our shelves has risen dramatically.

We understand that no bookstore can carry every published title, whether from a major publisher’s list or self-published by a local author. Many factors influence booksellers’ decisions and one of the most important is whether the book will sell.

To make sure that we continue to provide our clients with brilliant titles, we have changed our policy regarding independently published books. Click here to see our store’s new independent author policy.


Book Fair Information

Are you looking for a fun, educational way to raise money for your school? Hold a book fair today! In addition to earning funds, fairs allow students, parents, and teachers to see a multitude of books in a store-like setting, right on their own campus.

We custom-pack each book fair to suit your needs and interests. Our titles range from the classic standards to the hottest new releases. In addition, we have space-saving, rolling bookcases that make set-ups easy. Our book fairs are suitable for preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, private/religious schools, and even teacher conferences.

Additional Details About School Book Fairs
Our fairs, which are run by parent volunteers, usually take place over a one-week period. Nonetheless, the duration can be extended depending on your needs and our availability. During the event, our representatives will pack your fair, assist with the set-up and takedown, and replenish the stock as needed.