What's Happening
at Werner Books

Werner Books in Erie, PA is more than just your average bookstore. Reach out to us to schedule a book fair for the upcoming school year! To make sure that your schedule is met, we recommend that you let us know your ideal date and time. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Given the order for non-essential businesses to close, that means we are closed for now - we want nothing more than for our customers to stay healthy. The health of our vulnerable family members, customers, and employees depends on the cautious measures in place. We certainly love hearing from so many of you who feels books are essential, though!

Unfortunately, this means a few things are changing.

We're sad to announce that this year's Book Lovers Bus Trips are canceled.

Travel and close proximity aren't wise at the moment and for now there's no definite timetable on when things will go back to normal. Therefore, we'll work with those of you who already put down your deposit to ensure you are refunded.

Also canceled until further notice: Book clubs.

We'll keep you updated on when they will resume and the club picks for them at that time. The quickest way to receive updates on what's currently going on with the store will be through our Facebook page.

How do you purchase remotely from us?

Email us at wernerbooks2@yahoo.com or message us through Facebook with your request and we'll check our stock and ship to you!

We're also currently offering a special on gift cards - for $25 dollars, you get a gift card for $30. This can be used toward books shipped to you! 

We hope to see all of our customers in the near future. Until things go back to normal, be safe and take care of one another! Thank you for all of your support.

Get more details about our upcoming events. Call us today at 814-864-1565!

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