At present, Werner Books is accepting good condition paperbacks and nonfiction hardbacks. We prefer your fiction in paperback.
We generally do not accept library books, hardbacks without their dust cover and books in poor condition.
Our special computer program keeps track of your credit so there are no slips to lose.

Paperback Exchange Policy

Credit will be given in the amount of 25% of the list price on paperbacks only.
Credit is for your personal use. It may be shared with immediate family, but not with friends.

Unused credit may not be turned in for cash.
We reserve the right to accept only the used books needed at the time of receipt for credit.

Purchasing with Credit Policy

You may use your credit toward 50% of the total purchase on used books. 
The remaining balance must be paid for by cash or credit card.
Credit does not apply to new books, or books labeled 'No Trade.'

The remaining 50% must be paid for by cash, credit card or check.

Remaining credit may be applied to your next purchase, and remains in our database for 2 years.

Original publisher's price of book: $7.99
Your cost of used book (half publisher's price, unless marked): $4.00
Credit from your trade-in (if applicable): $2.00
Cash Owed: $2.00